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Fee Schedule

Fee Description Fee Amount
Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
ACH* Initial Set Up for Paper Receipt File $30.00 per file, one time
ACH* Initial Set Up for Paper Receipt Items $0.25 per item, one time
ACH* Online Cash Management $20.00 per month
ACH* Paper File Change after Initial Set Up $1.00 per item changed
ACH* Payment File Fee $5.00 per file
ACH* Payment within File Fee $0.05 per item
ATM Card Monthly Maintenance Fee $1.50 per card
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00 per card
Cashier's Checks-Customers $5.00 per check; $10.00 per re-issuance
Cashier's Checks-Non Customers $10.00 per check; $20.00 per re-issuance
Check Cashing Fee

$10.00 for the first $1,000.00 and $1.00 for each additional hundred up to $2000.00.
Federal Government checks only.

Closed Account Fee $30.00 (assessed if account is closed within six months of account opening)
Coin Counting

Customers - No Charge
Non-customers - 10.0% of coin counted

Collection Items $20.00 per item
Copy Service Customers - $0.10 per page;
Non-customers - $0.25 per page
Counter Checks $1.00 per check
Delinquent Account Collection Fee:$25 at calendar day 15, $25 at calendar day 25 of an account being overdrawn
Deposit Bag Rental Large Bag with Lock - $30.00 Small Bag - $5.00
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per month
Document Copy (Checks or Deposits) $5.00 per copy
Gift Card $3.95 per card
Garnishment/Levy Processing $75.00 per occurrence
Money Orders-Customers $3.00 per money order
Money Orders-Non Customers $5.00 per money order
NSF Paid Fee**

$32.00 per item; $160.00 daily maximum for consumer customers.

$32.00 per item; No daily maximum on insufficient funds paid fee for commercial customers.

NSF Returned Fee**

$32.00 per item; $160.00 daily maximum for consumer customers.

$32.00 per item; No daily maximum on insufficient funds returned fee for commercial customers.
Overdraft transfer from a deposit account $5.00 per transfer
Records Research $25.00 per hour
Remote Deposit Service $40.00 per month
Scanner (one time purchase)
Single item - $200.00
Multi item - $400.00
Returned ACH* $5.00 per item
Returned Deposit Item $4.00 per item
Safe Deposit Annual Rental 3x5 ------ $ 20.00
5x5 ------ $ 30.00
3x10 ----- $ 40.00
5x10 ----- $ 70.00
10x10 --- $150.00
Statement/Account Printout $3.00 per printout
Stop Payments $32.00 per item
Telephone Transfer $1.00 per transfer
Wire Transfers-Domestic $20.00 Incoming and Outgoing
Wire Transfers-International $55.00 Incoming and Outgoing
*ACH stands for Automatic Clearing House **Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.