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Teller Services

Cashier’s Checks
Cashier’s Checks services are available for bank customers and must be purchased using the bank lobby. To fund the check, customers can withdraw available funds from a Village Bank account or cash can be used. The check is professionally constructed by a Teller and signed by a bank employee.

Money Orders
Money Orders are available for bank customers up to $1,000.00. Funding of the Money Order is similar to Cashier’s Checks and must be purchased using the bank lobby.

Rolled Coin Service
Rolled coin is available for bank customers. Rolled coin includes pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Each roll comes in the following denomination:

  • Pennies: $0.50 per roll
  • Nickels: $2.00 per roll
  • Dimes: $5.00 per roll
  • Quarters: $10.00 per roll

Rolled coin requests can be submitted in advance by contacting a Teller at the office of your choice. This will expedite your Teller Transactions as well as ensure accuracy.

Automated Teller Services
ATMs are available worldwide for cash withdrawals, balance transfers or balance inquiries. View the Fee Schedule for further details.

Savings Bond Processing
Savings bonds may be redeemed during lobby hours for bank customers. If you have a large number of bonds to redeem, please contact us in advance and allow additional time for processing.