• it takes a village


Village Bank is a community bank that is family-owned and operated. We have chosen three keywords that we believe we can really stand behind as a company, and as our Values.

Village. It’s the village in Village Bank. It’s community, it’s our neighborhood, it’s our people, it’s your kids stomping ground – however you want to say it, it’s where we live. We believe in individuals and bringing people and families together in your village.

Value. We value our customer’s trust in us. We value that you have trusted that we are strong, that our village is strong and that times can change, but trust remains. We provide value through our services, teamwork and great customer experiences.

Vision. At different ages and stages in life you have different visions, whether it’s a new business, building a new home, building your family, we feel that we can help you accomplish your vision through building banking relationships and learning about your dreams.

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